Today we finished shooting the final episode of Hustle - so that's a wrap on season 1's production!

A huge thank you to our dedicated crew and cast for working so hard and being such a joy to collaborate with:

To Matt Strickland, our fearless leader, who built a crazy rig for a shot Rekha only KIND OF thought could work.

To Jamie Li, our tireless DP, for her constant attention to detail and lighting design.

To Pierce Robinson, for his extremely calm energy and prolific know-how.

To Jesse Roth, our quick, dedicated, and schedule-savvy A.D.

To Hayley Wagner and Nick Chirumbolo, our extremely talented and efficient sound crew.

To Dave O'Neill, Dan Zabludovsky, and Pots N Pans Productions, for their amazing guidance, producing assistance, and grip assistance.

To Dustin Molina, Derek Pons, and Colby Smith for their amazing ability to do GRUNT WORK.

To Sam Knowles and Lizzie Logan, for supervising the hell out of our script.

To Maritza Montanez and Tao Yang, our fast and on-top-of-their-shit PAs.

To Pop Chips and Calexico for their generous food donations.

And to Kickstarter, for their kind-hearted staff, who helped us every step of the way!


We had a lot of fun filming this series, and plan on keeping the momentum going into the post-production stage. So stay tuned for more updates and surprises in the Hustle cinematic universe - and thank you so much for your support!